Shipping Steaks, etc. to APO's in Afghanistan, Africa or Japan

Written By Cherie Schenker - July 10 2012


Guenevere Ramos
August 08 2013

I want to place an order for Afghanistan. If I return the cooler, how much of a gift certificate do I get back from the $150? Thanks!

Stan Shepherd
October 18 2012

A friend of mine, Ryan Lucas from the 82nd, bought some steaks, brats and pork chops from you all and had them shipped to Afghanistan. I had one of each and they were great. I have looked on your website and am looking to purchase an executive pack, 7 packs of beef brats and a pint of beans. With shipping, what am I looking at as a total cost? Thanks for offering this great service.

October 07 2012

We just finished a great unit BBQ thanks to Schenker farms here in Kandahar. First package of steaks and ribs arrived very frozen 5 days after shipment notification, second arrived in 7 days, and still had plenty of dry ice left over. Was able to bring a little bit of home to a large group, and just placed another order to have some real burgers soon! Thanks for a wonderful treat that everyone will remember.

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