Easy Split Pea Soup

Written By Cherie Schenker - November 04 2011


tracy abeln
February 11 2012

Coincidentaly, I’m eating this right now, albeit with industrially-farmed ham pieces from the supermarket.

I think the onion is imperative, and that adding some carrot and celery slices, a couple of bay leaves, and a teaspoon or so of peppercorns makes the soup interesting in texture and taste : ) To each, his/her own!

But maybe with real ham, it would not need all that — I am a faux vegegarian, and I like adding more veggies to everything. I have made split pea soup without ham … and it was really difficult to eat, even with olive oil and other people’s suggestions on spices, etc.

I am glad to learn that your ham hock is so economical. I pick up the “boneless ham chunks” b/c they are less than $3 for a decent amount. When I once asked the “butcher” where the ham-bones were, he told me no one wants those/ they don’t exist at the store and pointed me to the vacuum-packed chunks.

Odd world : )

I appreciate your farm and business. We need many more of you and for Monsanto, etc. to go. I know “they” create jobs, but there are myriad bad consequences. Also, thank you for serving in our armed forces.

Thank you,

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